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Eurotrip 2014

Back in August I took 3 weeks off work to travel parts of Europe including Norway, Paris and London.
I've finally got around to editing these photos for your viewing pleasure.

Also, I'm a huge fan of going overboard with sharpening landscape images.

More photos (Paris & London) on my instagram.

Scenic photo taken while hiking around Nerlandsøya Island in Fosnavåg


Viewpoint from Fjellstua, Ålesund.


Red Houses driving around Ålesund



Just your typical Norwegian homes overlooking a beautiful scenic lake and mountain side.



Beautiful (rainy) Bergen. After a 12 hour ferry ride aboard the M.S. Kong from Ålesund to Bergen.



Hiking up to Trolltunga



Hiking up the Trolltunga!



Me sitting on the edge of the Trolltunga!


Driving back to Ålesund from Bergen

Driving back to Ålesund from Bergen



Glimpse of the Northern Lights from Nerlandsøya Island, Fosnavåg.



View from Montparnasse Tower, Paris.



Garden of Versailles